Breastfeeding Advice

breastfeeding advice
MamaPukeko Breastfeeding baby number 2 ©

‘MamaPukeko’ is a mother, a midwife & Lactation Consultant.

Breastfeeding has been a large part of my life & is a passion of mine- its beautiful when it works but can be devastating when it doesn’t.

As a mother of three, all 3 babies have taken me on completely different feeding journeys, my experience as a midwife for over 10 years & as a Lactation Consultant for the last 7 years I know how difficult but so rewarding feeding your baby can be.

For Lactation consultant approved and current breastfeeding advice please visit our Gisborne Lactation Consultant website:

  • Helpful videos on How to Latch your Baby
  • Is you baby getting enough?
  • Expressing and Storing Breast milk
  • Low milk supply solutions
  • Access to Breast pump hire in Gisborne, New Zealand
  • Comprehensive information on Tongue and Lip ties







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