Here are just some of the comments from our customers on how their Amber products have helped them. We are continually amazed at how amber teething necklaces have helped their baby’s teething or how amber bracelets for adults have helped pain, arthritis, gout or eczema.


If you have a story of your own then please leave a comment so others can read about it.

“We’ve got a Honeybeedz necklace for our 7-month-old daughter and it’s fabulous, thank you. She seems a lot more settled when she’s wearing it – I definitely notice a difference if I forget to put it back on her after a bath. We’ve had loads of comments about it when we’re out and about too. Emily, her 3-year-old sister, takes great pride in telling everyone that it’s Annabella’s necklace to stop her teeth hurting her. Bless! Thank you Mama Pukeko xxx”
Claire, United Kingdom


“Five Stars!”

I see that these necklaces and bracelets work well for children but I have personally discovered the benefits for adults! I suffer from gout. Flying and certain foods and drink play havoc on my feet and I never go a day without pain. After being on my feet all day and flying up and down the country and wearing one of your bracelets for a day, I had no pain or swelling!!! After wearing the bracelet continuously for over a month now I have noticed a significant reduction in pain and hardly any swelling in my feet at all! No more of those puffy feet or hands! I’ve even been able to fit into strappy sandals that I haven’t been able to wear for two years! Now that is a miracle! Keep an eye on your website for more orders from me!!! Thank you Mama Pukeko!!

Lyneen, Christchurch


“My baby and my 4 year old daughter have been wearing their necklaces all winter and although my baby is still waking at night with teething she isn’t getting a runny nose or ear infection! My older daughter has not had a cold and she goes to pre-school! However my son who didn’t want to wear his necklace…….has had a couple of colds this winter….just wanted to give you some feedback =) And my mum who has been wearing her necklace has had the start of a few colds but it has never got worse!!! she is 65 this year =) so yeah they sure do work!!!”

Mary, Gisborne


“Hi MamaPukeko, The teething Necklace is working wonders on my child’s excema. Thanks so much.”

Saran, Gisborne


“Last night I put my babies teething necklace on my 4yr old as her excema has flared up, is remarkably much better today! Now I will have to buy another one before the baby starts teething again!”

Sarah, Gisborne


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